Lying Eyes | Lucid Dreams | Poetry & Prose

Lying EyesBy: Shawn Lee McPherson Shades of blue and gray swirled together as one KissingBROKEN UPAs narrow streaks of yellow fight to escape seductive black holesI saw things I wanted to see themBlues and grays caressing the other An ancient form of danceA slight...

Lucid Dreams (Poetry)

Lucid Dreams (Poetry) I have been in love with fear for as long as I can remember. Maybe it's being born in Maine and growing up nursing a healthy dose of Stephen King that made me that way, but horror has always been a fascinating genre for me. While I love fantasy...

The View from the Cheap Seats

The View from the Cheap Seats Let's just call that the image that leads to the shaving of the mustache. It was a nice vacation, but it's over. Images are currently in post-production as that is what happens when you run a photography studio as part of your living, you...

View from the Cheap Seats

Rants & Ramblings of An Author Turned Photographer

Select blog posts from the Wicked Good Life that are strictly related to wordslinging by Shawn Lee McPherson / Liam Kingman

As a bit of a guide for those who are new to Shawn / Liam:

Wordslinging = Writing or the process of writing

False Awakenings = Short Stories

Lucid Dreams = Poetry


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