The best tasting fruits & vegetables are the ones we grow ourselves in our own gardens. There is simply nothing better than a meal that you created with an edible plant, the “fruit” of your labor, grown and tended by your own efforts.

Is it easy? Not always. There are always challenges in growing crops, but the challenges can ALL be overcome. Here you will find a great assortment of helpful information for growing plants, mostly ones you can eat, but also ones that help the plants you eat. The tips and information cover topics from garden vegetables, to herbs, fruits, nuts, and even trees. 

Where you’re starting at today, doesn’t matter. You can be a person who has never gardened or you can be a seasoned veteran that has gardened for more decades than I’ve been alive. We’ll discover together on our gardening journies how to feed ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities if that is your aspiration. Start to finish I want to help you form a plan, a roadmap, from whatever beginning point you are at now so you get all the gardening information that you need that covers the entire gardening process. Pre-planning, designing your vision, the preparations for both your land and yourself, planting, caring for the plants, harvesting, storing, and most importantly (to me at least) cooking what was grown this season.

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