The Wicked Good Life tells the story of two creatives, Shawn and Rowena McPherson, sharing space, time, and a dream.

Living the Wicked Good Life

So how does one being living The Wicked Good Life? You start by facing your fears and living your dreams. The life we live is the Wicked Good Life. What that exactly means is a personal choice that you can make for yourselves. We live life on our terms. We are two creatives who are public figures running Mouse Island Creatives but are not so secretly introverts who shy away from large groups. That isn’t to say we wouldn’t go to a Roger Waters concert a thousand miles away with our two boys ages 10 and 12 for their first concert just because they asked.

We don’t care about material possessions if you have them great. If you don’t, that is okay as well. We’re a little bit minimalistic, but not full on into minimalism. We are starting to eat healthier and shocked by the amount of salt in everything. We understand from others that we tend to be a little bit entertaining an can often gravitate to being the center of the party. Talk about a frightening thing for a couple who likes to join the party in spirit from a 100 miles away.

We like to travel and will be doing that. We take photographs for a living, but not all images belong on a professional site. So we will put them on this one, our amateur site. I guess personal would be a better word for our not business pages.

Thanks for checking us out. Read our blog, use our services if you need them. Enjoy the show. It won’t be as dramatic as reality tv, but it won’t be fake like it either.


Rowena, Shawn, Weldon & Jacoby set out on a Wicked Good life journey

Shawn is an author with 20 years of experience in project and operations management, finance, web design, data analytics, research and development.

Rowena is a traditional artist and graphic designer working in the creative field since 1999. She fuses ingenuity and open communication to produce the most memorable and effective graphic products possible for clients.

Together they form Tech Guy & Design Girl! A dueling group of creatives who are quirkier in their real lives than they can be in their professional lives.

Thanks for dropping by, feel free to contact us as we love hearing from the peoples who cross our paths digitally. We hope you enjoyed the show.