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Capturing, sharing & living the Wicked Good Life.

Lifestyle Photography & Senior Portraits

The Wicked Good Life has evolved from our personal blog to becoming our second photography studio. We try to keep things at Mouse Island Creatives, our Wedding, Engagement and Event photography studio a little more grown up and professional. The Wicked Good Life… This is more about the lifestyle that we live and the lifestyle you live, and in the process have a Wicked Good Time. We call it living the Wicked Good Life.

Lifestyle photography is more candid and natural. We can and do capture traditional images, but the focus is on being who you are. The candid images people rave about in our Wedding Photography is incorporated into The Wicked Good Life by setting the moment up as a director would on a movie set. But that moment is unscripted. Life happens, true smiles, true reactions. We simply act as your personal documentarians.

Photography for a lot of people can cause anxiety and that can lead to the fake smiles that are often reflected in posed photos. Our years of experience help you feel at ease while we capture your images. Posing doesn’t have to be strange or weird and we go over basic posing at the start of our sessions to get you comfortable with the process.

A brief intro…

Shawn is an author and fulltime photographer with 20 years of experience in project and operations management, finance, web design, data analytics, research and development.

Rowena is a traditional artistgraphic designer, and photographer working in the creative field since 1999. She fuses ingenuity and open communication to produce the most memorable and effective products for our clients.

We are living the Wicked Good Life

What does it mean to be living The Wicked Good Life? The answer to that is a personal choice that you must make for yourselves. For us, it’s living life on our terms. It means facing our fears and living our dreams. We are two creatives who work with people every day but are not-so-secretly introverts who love to just be at home reading, writing, drawing and working with awesome pictures. We have no desire to collect material things. You could say we’re a little bit minimalistic. We try to eat healthy, stay active and get enough sleep, which is not always easy when you are as driven as we are in our creative pursuits. And, we love to travel! By plane, on a boat, or in a car… it doesn’t matter if it means seeing new places and enjoying the memory-making experiences that we call the Wicked Good Life.

Thanks for checking us out. Read our blog, use our services if you need them. Enjoy the show. It won’t be as dramatic as reality tv, but it won’t be fake like it either.