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The Wicked Good Life

The Life We Live.

An artist, an author, two kids, three cats, two dogs, one car, one truck, a house, 10 acres, and a world of endless possibilities.

Over at Mouse Island Creatives, we work as a team comprised of an author and an artist doing things like word slinging, designing web stuff and print stuff, arting in every medium, giving advice about graphic design and creating things that people want so we can live the life we want. Over there, and please do check it out it pays our bills, that is just what we do, here at the Wicked Good Life, we talk about the life that we live.

Shawn is an author with 20 years of experience in project and operations management, finance, web design, data analytics, research, and development. His imagination is only matched by his insane ability with numbers and research.

Rowena is a traditional artist and graphic designer working in the creative field since 1999. She fuses ingenuity and open communication to produce the most memorable and effective graphic products possible for clients.

Together Shawn and Rowena can tackle any project and overcome any obstacle with a tag-team approach, working from their individual strengths.

That is all 100% entirely true, but it has nothing to do with who we are. This is a little peek behind the curtain. A little peek at The Wicked Good Life, The Life We Live.



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